Siberian Husky Personality and Traits

The Siberian Husky is alert, friendly, outgoing, mischievous, cunning, and very intelligent.

He’s very affectionate with his family and loved ones. He’s also very friendly with strangers. You might think from his wolf-like appearance that he makes a good guard dog. This isn’t true. He may scare away an intruder by the way he looks, but he isn’t territorial or protective. He’s much more likely to make friends with an intruder and give him a kiss then to be aggressive with him.

Siberian Huskies need a lot of exercise each day. You’ll need to be able to take him for a jog or a walk each day if you don’t have a big, securely fenced back yard.

They also thrive on your love and companionship. If you can’t spend at least a few hours each week playing with your Siberian (on top of walking him) then don’t get one.

Siberians can be quite destructive. They are an intelligent breed and need to have constant mental stimulation. If they get bored then they will start destroying things! If you leave a bored and lonely Siberian in your home you’ll likely return to find that you don’t have a home anymore, he will most likely have chewed it apart. Say good bye to your new couch, he’ll tear it to shreds! So if you’re at work for more then a few hours per day and would have to leave him by himself, then don’t get a Siberian. They need someone to be with them and they need something to do! Or else they will find their own way to entertain themselves (their way is by chewing and being destructive).

Siberian Huskies also love to dig holes in the dirt. Any dirt will do. Even your flowerbed or vegetable garden. If you own a Husky you must give him a space where he’s allowed to dig and fence off the places where he isn’t allowed to dig.

Siberians aren’t the fastest learners when it comes to teaching them obedience commands or tricks. They are very independent and prefer to do their own thing then to learn what you want them to learn. However they aren’t too difficult to train, and with patience and persistence (and gentle, positive training methods) you can get an obedient dog!

Siberians are excellent at escaping. You’ll need at least six-foot high, secure fences, or he’ll just go right over the top. He may even try to dig under the fence.

Siberians have an extremely high prey drive. Anything little that scampers past them is fair game! Whether it be a cat, rabbit, hamster, mouse, chicken, and possibly even a small toy dog. Siberians cannot be trusted around small animals! When raised with a cat they generally do well with them. However, even when raised with a cat and having happily lived with it for many years, he may still kill it.

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